About Us

“GreenCourt’s approach is simple: Ask good questions, listen carefully and deliver more than promised. Whatever the challenge, GreenCourt will find a way to help us succeed.”

Bart Jackson
Past President
Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia

GreenCourt's mission is to guide government agencies through rough and unfamiliar territory toward higher levels of performance.

While we would rather talk with you about your organization than talk about ourselves, we will take the opportunity to mention a few things. 

Our work is focused. We apply ourselves where we know we can help. We have no aim to be all things to all customers. 

The people you meet at a conference or on Zoom are the people you will see throughout our relationship. Continuity is very important to us.

We make creative decisions, quickly. By design, we organize ourselves to communicate clearly and act swiftly. 

We love our work and we think you will, too.


The Team That Makes It Happen

Andy Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

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Jay Bland

Chief Growth Officer

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Anna Shawver

Executive Vice President

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Charles Smith

Government Services

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Scott Lekan

Director of Business Development

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Ryan Roenigk

Chief Operating Officer

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