About GreenCourt

GreenCourt Legal Technologies, LLC was founded in 2013 and our main office is in Carrollton, Georgia.

Our business is, at its most basic, making software, although we make software in the same sense law firms make documents. More important than what we make are the results we achieve and our approach to achieving those results.

We Serve Law Firms and Courts

To law firms, we provide the ability to file court case documents electronically: eFiling. We also provide the ability to view up-to-the-minute court case information (judge assignments, docket of proceedings and stamped documents): eAccess. To courts, we provide the ability to receive eFiled documents and share case information – all through the slightest possible changes to existing processes and systems.

Our particular area of focus is improving the flow of information to and from trial courts across Georgia. We intend to work with additional classes of court in Georgia and elsewhere in the future.

Learn all about our eFiling and eAccess system, PeachCourt.