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GovLink for Regulatory Agencies

GovLinkis the first of its kind Agency Performance Platform™

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Government agencies and courts must protect the safety, health, and welfare of their constituents while also prompting economic growth, competition, and innovation. GovLink helps agencies and courts complete the tasks necessary to uphold this mission. GovLink is a zero-footprint, no-overhead, platform that streamlines the movement of information and documents through the agency.

The results are straightforward and valuable:

  • tune Regain control of the workday
  • speedProcess applications and inquiries faster than ever
  • edit_note Create, edit, and approve documents without relying on paper
  • language Interact with the public and other agencies quickly and easily

Government Agencies We Have Helped

  • Department of Insurance
  • Public/Utility Service Commissions
  • Other Goverment Agencies

The Georgia’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has a wide range of responsibilities, from licensing insurance agents or companies to giving the public a voice regarding regulatory and policy changes. GovLink connects private companies and the public with departments of insurance – smoothly and securely.

Using GovLink, the Georgia’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has aided its staff in managing thousands of requests every year by, decreasing the workload necessary to complete tasks and creating pain free communication between private companies and public entities that relate to the requests listed below:

  • Licensing hearings for insurance companies and agents
  • Open records requests, including electronic payments
  • Ordinance violations related to safety, fire prevention, etc.
  • Regulatory changes, including public comments
  • Surprise (balanced) billing applications and mediation

Public service commissions work daily to ensure that telecommunications, electric, and natural gas services are reliable, safe, and reasonably priced. As representatives of consumers, Georgia’s Public Service Commission chose GovLink to expand and enhance its operations.

GovLink has helped the Georgia Public Service Commission make higher-quality decisions, faster, and more efficiently than ever before! Here are a few highlights of how GovLink can help your public utility service commission:

  • Utility providers, law firms, and the public can file documents quickly and easily
  • Cases that pre-date GovLink are imported and available for review and filing
  • Filers can request trade secret protection for filed documents
  • Incoming filing are routed to the appropriate internal group based on industry and other criteria

GovLink has the adaptability and capability to service any department or government agency in need of developing a more efficient internal digital infrastructure that can create efficiency where inefficiencies currently are found. GovLink can help eliminate duplicate efforts, tedious tasks, missed opportunities, lag time, communication barriers, and more.

Wherever you see wasted time, inefficient workflows, and unnecessary effort think of GovLink!

Lists of other agencies we can help:

  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Cattle
  • Drivers
  • Elder Care

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Jane D., CEO