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“GreenCourt Gives” Foundation

The “GreenCourt Gives” Foundation is here to show support to all the city, state, county, and local programs and communities we work with and more!

GreenCourt Gives is dedicated to offering support to communities where we live and serve. Our court and government partners are passionate about certain philanthropic missions, and we are here to help with those missions. Our intended impact must go beyond digital assistance. At GreenCourt, we actively contribute to child support programs and government/court initiatives by dedicating both volunteerism and physical donations.

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GreenCourt Partners with “Adopting Families” for the Holidays

GreenCourt partners with “Adopting Families” For the Holidays in Kings County, CA along with the Child Support Program.

GreenCourt Gives is deeply involved in numerous communities throughout the United States, actively promoting, hosting, or participating in events aligned with respective causes. Among the many communities we’ve collaborated with are the Louisiana Child Support Enforcement agency and the Kings County, California Child Support programs. For more information on how to apply to the GreenCourt Gives foundation, please contact Wrenn Awbrey,

GreenCourt Community Partners

  • Louisiana Child Support Enforcement Agency
  • Kings County, California Child Support Programs
  • Carrollton City Schools Christmas Sponsorship Program
  • Georgia Public Service Commission (Partners with Clark’s Christmas Kids and GreenCourt)
  • Seeking new partnerships every day!
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Wrenn Awbrey Vice President of Customer Success 770-851-4565