About Us

“GreenCourt’s approach is simple: Ask good questions, listen carefully and deliver more than promised. Whatever the challenge, GreenCourt will find a way to help us succeed.”

Bart Jackson
Past President
Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia

Our customers know we’re different in all the right ways.

Since 2014, GreenCourt’s customers have enjoyed a decidedly different approach to technology. They describe us as partners who respect their mission. They describe our work as time-saving and reliable tools they cannot imagine living without.

Our customers are courts and public service agencies at the state, territory, tribe and federal levels. Of course, companies, courts and agencies don’t actually do anything. It’s the people in those organizations that take responsibility and give their best. The people who make decisions every day – Clerks, Judges, Commissioners, Directors, Agents and Attorneys – challenge us to deliver according to their standards.

Our customers describe the results of our work as follows:

The GreenCourt Way

Meet the team that answers those challenges.

Andy Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

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Jay Bland

Chief Growth Officer

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Anna Shawver

Executive Vice President

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Charles Smith

Government Services

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Scott Lekan

Government Services

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Ryan Roenigk

Chief Operating Officer

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