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eFiling is possible... TODAY!

Let’s get the conversation started! First, a few big questions:

Not at all! We celebrate the independence and unique perspective of each court. A non-unified judiciary means eFiling works a little differently compared to other states, but that’s OK!

Not at all! Sure, some states choose to stroke a check every year to pay for eFiling programs. The most innovative states leave it to the stakeholders – the Bar, the Judiciary, and the Prothonotaries – to construct and support programs that work for everyone involved. 

In practical terms, this means you can create an eFiling program that does not rely on funding from the legislature, counties, courts, or any governmental budget. Instead, a reasonable fee paid by the participants in each case can cover all the costs.

Not at all! 

We believe that each Prothonotary needs to be in charge of all the decisions that affect the court. This absolutely includes choosing which technology to implement and which processes to follow. 

A great eFiling partner will always work with and not against court leaders!

The perfect first step is to let us know you are interested! We can exchange some ideas and then, when the time is right, we can make contact with the Prothonotaries where you practice most often. 

Please contact Ryan Roenigk by calling 717-585-0507 or emailing rroenigk@greencourt.com.

GreenCourt has been perfecting electronic filing for nearly a decade. Court by court, case by case, day by day, we have earned our position as the most popular way to eFile in more than 200 trial courts in Georgia. 

Our not-so-secret formula is simple:

We answer the phone.
When our customers want to ask a question, share an idea, or just hear a friendly voice, they call... and we answer. Real, live experts are ready and waiting to help.

No phone menus. No "unusually high call volume." No runaround.

Our customers love our online chat, too!
We over-invest in quality.
When you encounter a problem, that's not your fault. Technology is supposed to work and you don't need to be a "techie" in order to enjoy a great outcome.

Behind the scenes, our team tests and tests and tests until we get it right.

You deserve the best and that's what we produce.
We know what you're talking about.
Our team is full of veterans. Attorneys, paralegals, and prothonotary/clerk office staff lead every area of our company.

We know the challenges you face. We understand how vital your work is. You can count on us to help you take the best possible care of your clients.

The State of Georgia is comprised of 159 counties and each of those counties includes at least one trial court. Larger counties include two trial courts, bringing the total across the state to 230. GreenCourt serves nearly every one of those courts with an eFiling platform named PeachCourt. 

In most of Georgia’s counties, the decision-makers have chosen to offer eFiling exclusively through PeachCourt. In a handful of counties, the decision-makers have chosen to offer more than one option. In the jurisdictions where PeachCourt is one of two options, filers choose PeachCourt more often than not. 

Why? Check out the videos below to get a glimpse. 

Take a tour of PeachCourt and imagine the possibilities!

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