GovLink for Child Support Programs

More often than not, child support programs don’t get a seat at the table during “enterprise” technology and process discussions. Statewide electronic filing initiatives take form without input from or consideration of IV-D programs… even though child support offices represent the most common type of civil actions filed in county and district courts.

Instead, child support program directors are left with the “option” to shoehorn their work into the same eFiling processes that general practice litigators and the public at large use.

GovLink is all about helping the agency perform at its best. Imagine automated templates that include all the correct information and don’t need extensive editing. Imagine intra-office workflow that is so much smarter than dozens of emails and confusing attachments. Imagine fully customized permissions and electronic signatures for any legal document.

There is more to GovLink than just filing because there is more to child support than just filing.

Electronic filing used to be the future… before you know it, the future is the present and the present is the past. 

Enter: GovLink. Tailored for IV-D and the best way to get a seat at the table right now.

  • Produce error-free legal documents

  • Circulate documents for review

  • Capturing approvals and signatures

IV-D programs don’t need to settle for less than ideal. GovLink is the answer to your child support eFiling questions.

…and GovLink is more than just eFiling. Although filing a complaint, summons, motion, etc. with the court is a very important part of the job, child support professionals invest a lot of time and effort in other areas. Preparing all those legal documents for filing is no small feat, especially in a world where coworkers are no longer across the room or down the hall.

GovLink is the first of its kind Agency Performance Platform™. GovLink was born to help child support professionals serve families. The concept is simple: remove wasted time and effort so families in need get more attention.

GovLink for Departments of Insurance

Some refer to it as “balanced billing” and some refer to it as “surprise billing” – everyone refers to it as a tidal wave of requests that need attention. Nationwide, insurance commissioners and their state legislatures are making decisions about out-of-network healthcare billing and the frequent “surprises” that lie therein.

GovLink’s Surprise Billing module offers a smooth and effective process for healthcare providers, insurance payors, and the state agencies that find themselves in the middle. An out-of-network provider can apply for assistance and upload the relevant documentation easily. The agency can choose how to review each application and how to involve insurance payors. Many states prescribe a settlement period (which GovLink can track) before involving a third-party arbitrator (which GovLink can incorporate via secure access).

With tight timelines and high expectations for the quality of service, state departments of insurance are in a difficult position to comply with surprise billing regulations… without GovLink, that is!

GovLink for Public Service Agencies

State agencies that safeguard public utilities are some of the busiest and least understood. Ensuring that consumers are protected, both in terms of value and safety, is a critical, albeit behind-the-scenes, mission. GovLink can assist public service agencies with this very important work.

Whether regulatory hearings take place in person or remotely, agencies and hearing participants benefit from GovLink’s document communication and management tools. Attorneys and the general public can submit documentation and review proceeding details 24x7x365. Agency administration can review submissions, route within the agency based on industry, annotate filings, secure official approvals (including electronic signatures), and notify participants electronically.

Without adding personnel or technology infrastructure, public service agencies can reduce both the manual workload and response time – all while enhancing levels of service to the public – by incorporating GovLink.

GovLink for Administrative Hearings

On one hand, state and county agencies that conduct hearings need to act much like a trial court … on the other hand, these agencies don’t have access to the resources their trial court counterparts enjoy. GovLink to the rescue.

Insurance companies and agents, ordinance violations, and [another example here] are just a few areas where GovLink can help. Participants can submit documentation to the agency for review and approval or rejection. The agency can assign the role of “clerk” to an individual and/or group for maintaining the record and handling logistics. The agency can also assign one or more adjudicators to each matter.

Security, workflow automation, notifications… all of this and more in a no-overhead, no-installation cloud service that fits agencies of any size.

“Attorneys and their staff absolutely love PeachCourt, and for good reason! Automagically generated forms, intuitive flow and first-class customer support are what PeachCourt is all about. The experience for my office is equally outstanding. I could not imagine a world without GreenCourt!”

Sheila Studdard
Clerk of the Superior Court
Fayette County, Georgia

eFiling for Civil and Criminal Litigators

Establishing a court case eFiling program can get complicated quickly. Defining rules. Aligning interests. Connecting systems. Managing change. There are few eFiling options out there and it’s tough to find one that delights paralegals, clerks, and everyone in between.
Make eFiling work your way with an eFiling solution from GreenCourt. This is electronic filing that is more useful and attentive than you have ever imagined. From desk to docket, for criminal, civil, and family law cases, law firms and the general public will love what we have to offer.
A special eFiling platform for Georgia’s trial courts – craftily named PeachCourt – hit the scene in 2014. Georgia’s independently elected Clerks of Court partnered with GreenCourt to make eFiling a reality. The program grew one court at a time into the most popular choice for both clerks and the litigation firms they serve.

Experience indicates that the biggest challenges with technology projects is not the technology. GreenCourt is as adept with legislative and regulatory development as with software development.

If you think eFiling is too difficult, too risky, or too far off in the future, GreenCourt can help you think again.

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