“OCI is pleased to partner with GreenCourt to implement new technology that opens communications and facilitates information accessibility across our operations.”

John F. King
Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner


The problem: Government agencies are left out of strategic technology initiatives and therefore miss out on opportunities to integrate, collaborate and innovate. Agencies that don’t fit neatly into someone else’s requirements can find themselves swept to the margin, or worse, excluded altogether.

The solution: Make the best of the situation with GovLink. Constraints become options. Roadblocks become speed bumps. Wish we coulds become now we cans.

A shining example of GovLink at work is the Georgia Department of Human Resources/Division of Child Support Services. Rather than making due with the eFiling options available to the general public, Georgia’s IV-D offices get a big lift from document management, workflow, filing and notifications that fit their world perfectly.

If you find your agency faced with mounting expectations and diminishing resources, don’t give up. Give GovLink a chance.

If you find your agency between a system you’ve been told is unconnectable and an eFiling system you don’t control, don’t hunker down. Rise up and bridge those gaps with GovLink.

If you find your agency relying on email, spreadsheets, and desktop folders to manage critical information, don’t just make due. Make the call for GovLink.


The problem: Establishing a court case eFiling program can get complicated quickly. Passing rules. Aligning interests. Connecting systems. Managing change. There are few eFiling options out there and it’s tough to find one that delights paralegals, clerks, and everyone in between.

The solution: Make eFiling work your way with FlexFile. This is electronic filing that is more useful and attentive than you have ever imagined. From desk to docket, FlexFile is about to be your new favorite eFiling program.

A special version of FlexFile for Georgia’s trial courts – craftly named PeachCourt – hit the scene in 2014. Georgia’s independently elected Clerks of Court partnered with GreenCourt to make eFiling a reality. The program grew one court at a time into the most popular choice for both clerks and the litigation firms they serve.

Experience indicates that the biggest challenges with technology projects is not the technology. GreenCourt is as adept with legislative and regulatory development as with software development.

If you think eFiling is too difficult, too risky or too far off in the future, Greencourt can help you think again.

“Attorneys and their staff absolutely love PeachCourt, and for good reason! Automagically generated forms, intuitive flow and first-class customer support are what PeachCourt is all about. The experience for my office is equally outstanding. I could not imagine a world without GreenCourt!”

Sheila Studdard
Clerk of the Superior Court
Fayette County, Georgia